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Breaking Down the Food Noise

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

-If diets worked there wouldn't be a need to create a new one...

When I say "food noise" this is exactly what I am talking about. Of course we are overwhelmed by what we should and shouldn't eat for optimal health and the tagline "losing weight and feeling great." But, we are not a bunch of science experiments. As soon as we follow other's rules, we lose our ability to listen to our bodies and decide for ourselves what makes us feel good.

What, when, and how much we eat is different for everyone and if we just take a step back (or a mile) from the diet world we would see that. Our genetics, environment, lifestyle, and day-to-day behaviors impact our food choices. There is no routine or structure that will work for everyone.

Being an intuitive eater means listening and acknowledging your needs and wants. So, throw out the books and start your own journey about you!

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