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Modern Kitchen



For every client, investment is made in the care for every aspect of their health, including emotional and mental health, which comes with the territory of nutrition and food. Majority of the time with the client is spent on understanding their personal health history and current concerns. With each client, the focus is on teaching mindful and practical techniques based on their specific needs and encouraging openness and questions. This approach empowers my clients to ultimately become equipped with the confidence and tools to not only reach their goals but maintain them in any environment/conditions. Additionally, more convenient access with myself via text, calls, and emails, allows for greater communication that helps build rapport and facilitate a quicker rate toward achieving results.


The dietitian is in the house!

Let's meet in the place you feel most comfortable!

Having visits in your home allows you to be in a safe space and feel more at ease. This also gives us the opportunity to "detox" your kitchen and see exactly what foods you are eating (or not eating). By doing this, I will better understand your preferences to then have customized recommendations to optimize your outcomes. 


Do you get overwhelmed trying to figure out which brand of food to buy? Maybe checking out  the labels and understanding what your are looking for gets confusing? I'll go with you! You bring your grocery list and Ill help you figure out the healthiest options to fulfill what you and your family need.

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