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Changing the way we eat, think, and feel about food 


The Full Story

Welcome to Real Dietitian Talk and meeting, me Allison. I am a registered dietitian who is passionate about helping people not only reach their goals but maintain them in a real and healthy way. As someone who has struggled over the years with my relationship with food, I know firsthand how exhausting it is to always be thinking and even obsessing, about what and how much to eat. These anxieties stem mostly from what I call Food Noise. Food Noise is the jibber jabber and the constant thoughts that bombard us related to food all day, everyday. These thoughts are influenced by what we see and hear everyday from the media, our friends, doctors, etc. It is constant and overwhelming.
I am here to hopefully bring some insight and support in how to navigate through the noise to find the balance and become the healthiest the most real way. I want to help you learn how to enjoy life and of course food, without diets, calorie counting, guilt, shame, or regret.


Supporting Your Success

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Not sure where to begin? Let's talk.  
We'll set up a consultation and discuss what brought you to my page as well as your nutrition and health goals.
We will see how I can help you break through the food noise and make long-term changes.  Together we will decide on a plan that works best for you.


Our first session will consist of a 60-minute full assessment to understand who YOU are. This is done via telehealth or in person, even at your own home. We'll discuss both your health and diet history as well as your eating patterns, health habits, relationship with food, and more. I want to learn about the real you. Based on your goals we will customize your journey to reaching them.


Behavior change takes time and hard work as our day-to-day habits did not occur overnight. The frequency of our sessions will be based on YOU and what is needed  to ensure the best outcomes which again, can be done via telehealth and/or in-person. Between visits I am always available via email and phone to help deconstruct the food noise when it may seem overwhelming and encourage you to continue this journey!

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